Privacy Policy

This web site ("Site") is
owned and operated by Dove Framing &
Art Restoration

WE recognize that our clients expect
privacy ad security for the nonpublic
information they provide to us.  We have
and will continue to be bound by the
standards of confidentially with respect to
all nonpublic information we receive in
the course of working with our clients.  
However, if you choose to submit personal
information to us via this Site, we will
keep your personal information

Dove Framing & Art Restoration and its
affiliates will use the information you
submit (i) to send you materials that you
have requested; (ii) to respond to your
email queries; (iii) at your option, to notify
you of other communications that may be
of interest to you; and (iv) in the
administration of the Site.
May 1, 2008