As a designer, or an owner/director of an art gallery or
museum, or possibly a developer, a facility manager or some
one involved in a providing framed art work for a commercial
venture, your needs can be very different than our typical
retail customer.

We have made changes to our physical plant to increase the
shop production area and to create a space for our
showroom that is very open, efficient and a fun space to work
in. We also do production work for design firms, are
registered to bid government projects, and have worked with
the Navy in San Diego.

One of the changes includes a space that can be utilized for
meetings with your clients or as a work space when needed.

We have a dedicated staff with over twenty years of design
and production experience. We take great pride in working
with you to ensure your client's satisfaction, whether that be
a piece of custom framed art or a restoration project.
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